Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit - Application Process:

Basic Application Procedure for your Colorado Concealed Weapon (Handgun) - MOST COUNTIES

1. Take a class taught by a Certified Instructor, like ours. - You'll get a Handgun Training Certificate.

2. Check your County Sheriff's website for application, time and place, forms of payment accepted.

3. Download or request an application, fill it out and make a copy - DO NOT SIGN IT

4. Take your application and payment*, with two forms of ID to the Sheriff's office, or police department.

  • Application - unsigned
  • $100 (Cueerntly Jefferson County & El Paso charge $72.50 & $60.00 respectively) made out to the Sheriff i.e.: "Boulder County Sheriff"
  • $52.50 made out to "CBI" (Colo Bureau of Investigation)
  • Colo DL, State ID, Birth Cert, Passport

5. Turn in your application; you will sign it in front of a deputy.

6. Most counties will take your fingerprints with the application.

7. Now you wait - up to 90 days

8. You should get a call to, have a photo taken and pick up your card.

*Please check with your county sheriff for amount and forms of payment accepted. USPS Money Orders are usually the way to go.