Firearms Classes:

Review the four cardinal firearm safety rules here.

Private individual and group CCW & Handgun training classes available.
Please email for more details.

CCW I: Colorado Concealed Carry Class - Multi-State - 4 hours
This class meets the requirements for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Will qualify for Floridia as well.

Scheduling Now - check the schedule for pricing and discounts

Topics covered include:

  • Firearm Safety, Handling & Manipulation.
  • Personal Safety, Security & Self Defense.
  • Less Lethal.
  • Equipment.
  • State Laws - Physical Force & Deadly Force - Self Defense.
  • State Laws - Firearms.
  • CCW Carry Restrictions.
  • Gun Laws and Transportation.
  • Concealed Handgun License Resiprocity.
  • Colorado CCW Application Process Overview.
  • And more...

UTAH CCW Class - 4 hours
$115 for Colorado Permit holders, $75 for CPS CCW I certificate holders.
Meets requirements for the Utah Concealed Weapons Permit.

Scheduling Now

One on one range time - $65 for the 1st hour, $45 per hour thereafter. Discounts are available in combination with a class.

NRA Home Firearm Safety - 4 hours
$95 per person - $295 per family

Scheduled on request.

NRA Basic Pistol - 8 hours
$145 per person - $495 per family

Scheduled on request.

NRA Personal Protection in the Home - 8 hours.
$195 per person
Scheduled on request.